Dear Business Owner,

I know how hard it is to run a profitable business in the current economic climate.  It can be challenging navigating the demands of customers who are frequently trying to get your services as cheaply as possible. You probably leave home early and get home late, sometimes having to travel a significant distance to your customers.  Despite the commitment you’ve made to provide the best service possible you have them ask you to drop your price down or if you would do it less for cash.  All the while all you are trying to create is a great lifestyle for your family doing something you enjoy and helping people at the same time…


You compete against other businesses that you know do not offer the same level of customer service and quality workmanship that you do....


You know you are more highly skilled and do a far better job than others in the market place....


How do you get that across to your customers so that they actually pay you what you are worth and are happy to do so?


Women Friendly Services was created for businesses like yours.


My name is Kellie Briggs and I founded Women Friendly Services in 2012.  As a woman, I was so sick of getting ripped off by goods and service providers coming into my home and not delivering the services they said they would or they would inflate the price once the job commenced.


All this happened whilst I was home alone with my three young babies and a hubby that worked away.  It left me feeling very vulnerable and at times unsafe with who I was letting in my home.  After hearing from other women I knew that they felt the same I decided to develop a directory that women could use where they could be assured they would receive consistently great customer service experience every time. 

After starting the directory I realised that it was important that I created a way for businesses that wanted to provide high quality goods, services and customer service to women, to offer peace of mind to their prospective customers.  This led to the development of an accreditation process which provides you as a business with the opportunity to stand apart from your competitors and be known for the quality and professional service you provide to your women customers.  As an accredited business you are able to proudly display that you are a Women Friendly Services Accredited Business. This helps you separate your business from the competition when you are advertising or networking elsewhere.

From the many hundreds of women I have spoken to who are your customers, I can reassure you that we would rather pay a little more for someone to do the job right the first time and without all the stress and hassle.


 Can you imagine how great it would feel not having to compete on price for work because your customers appreciate your excellent workmanship and customer service?


What if you weren't under pressure to take shortcuts on the job because of customer budget constraints?


How would you feel going to work knowing that you have local, regular and reliable customers who are friendly, pay you on time and will ring you time and time again?



Why marketing to women is important for your business


Let’s take a look at a few facts..

FACT - 70% of women say that marketing doesn’t speak to them.

FACT - Women are responsible for 85% of all purchasing decisions ranging from cars to computers spending $3.3 trillion annually.

FACT - Women make 65% of all car purchases.

FACT - Women think about 9.5 different topics every 5 mins so we don’t want to shop around we just want to go to someone reliable.  Once we find a good service we stick to it and tell others about it!

FACT - Statistics have shown that those companies that are women friendly also attract more male consumers.

FACT - Women talk to other women about good services they have experienced or good purchases that have been made.

To be honest, I have some bad news for you…. Here is something else that many small business owners are not aware of.

If you are advertising in the local paper, Yellow Pages or online free directories…you are not advertising to women.

In 2014 I conducted a survey of 1200 Australian women only 9% looked in these places for good quality service providers and their main reason was that women cannot tell the quality of a service provider just by the ads alone because every ad looks the same as the next making the same claims.

Which is why ads with our Women Friendly Services Accredited Business Logo really stand out. 

If you would like to become a Women Friendly Services Accredited Business please APPLY NOW. There are limited positions in each area for each type of business so that we can continue to ensure we can stay good on our promise to provide the best experience for our end users, your customers.


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