Who can become a Women Friendly Accredited Business?
Anyone who owns a small to medium size business and is willing to work with us to meet a few simple, but essential criteria. From the feedback we have had from our accredited businesses we can confirm that we tend to work best for trade type businesses as well as businesses that service other businesses. We also work well for those businesses who find that most of their customers are women or they want to attract more women customers. It is a great model if you are wanting to stop having to compete on price within your industry. There is nothing worse than knowing that you do such a fantastic job and provide such a great level of service but you are expected to charge what everyone else does in order to compete. The good news is that the women who use our directory value service over price and they recognise that to get great service you do pay a little more, and they are happy to do so.
What checks does my business have to go through to become a Women Friendly Services Accredited Business?
After you fill out the online application form we conduct the following checks:
  • ABN and Business Registration confirmation
  • Police Clearances for all your staff dealing with customers face to face or with their property
  • Licensing checked if required for your occupation
  • Registration checked
  • Insurance need to be valid and provided to us
  • Google searching for feedback about your business
  • Social Media checks to make sure that our values are aligned with yours
  • Referee checks, we interview your customers
  • Business process checks, phone, quotes, and how you arrange your appointments
  • Other online checks
What are some of the core customer service standards my business needs to meet to become a Women Friendly Accredited Business?
  • Your quotes are written, explained and adhered to
  • Appointment times given and kept and courtesy calls are made if you are running late or need to cancel
  • Your work environment is left clean and tidy if you are working in a person’s home. You need to clean up after yourself
  • No inappropriate or potentially offensive material or posters in workplaces, on work vehicles or equipment such as toolboxes or computers
  • Your staff should be neatly presented and professional at all times
  • More depending on the industry that you are in….
How do I become a Women Friendly Services Accredited Business?
Click on the APPLY NOW tab and fill out the online application form. We will contact you with the other information that you will need to submit, such as Police Clearances and evidence of qualifications and insurance. The Accreditation process usually takes a week to complete depending wether you have your paperwork handy and are waiting for Police Clearances.
How do I apply for a Police Clearance?
There are two ways.
  • Post Office – You present in person, fill out the form and the Police Clearance can take anywhere from 10 days to a month to arrive.
  • CV Check – You can apply online through this link and the Police Clearance will be emailed to you within 1-5 working days. This is cheaper than the Post Office and more often a lot faster. Click here to find out more information about how to do this.
How long does my Accreditation last?
Your accreditation is a 12 month commitment even though it is paid monthly. Each 12 months we review the business again and make sure all qualifications, insurance and Police Clearances remain in date.
What if there is a complaint made about my business?
The businesses on this website have undergone a very rigorous approval process and agreed to provide a certain level of customer service.