Founder Kellie Briggs and her first of three daughters, Holly.

The Business

Women Friendly Services was born from the idea that women have a lot going on in their lives so time is short. Women do the majority of the purchasing in the family household yet are rarely acknowledged by businesses or taken seriously.

My personal story is that I have three very young children and a husband who works away. I don’t have much time to shop around and to be honest when I have I have been very disappointed. For example I needed a plasterer to come and plaster over some interior bricks in my house. I rang 5 plasterers – all of which agreed to come and do a quote. Only one of the plasterers actually turned up. I hired him for the work which was to cost $1800 and take 2 days. However on day 2 of the job he informed me that the cost had doubled because he had underquoted so we were up for $3600 and 4 days work. If we didn’t agree then he would leave our house then and there with the job only half done and cement powder everywhere – knowing I couldn’t get anyone else to fix it. To top it off he did a less than satisfactory job.

On another occasion I needed a plasterer to come and fix up the bit that the previous one had stuffed up. I had a friend recommend me someone that her elderly mum had used. Well he was fantastic. He turned up on time, completed the job to the price quoted and left the house as if he had never been. He treated me with respect and answered all my questions without hesitation.

I then thought how wonderful it would be if we could harness all of the “Word of Mouth” great services so that everyone had access to them. Wouldn’t it be great if whenever you wanted a service you could go and find one that was tried and tested by other women and provided a great service/purchase experience every time?

So here you have Women Friendly Services. The first part of our business is to search for these fantastic businesses that provide us with such a wonderful and trustworthy experience and accredit them as being Women Friendly. This means they have to meet certain levels of customer service, be appropriately qualified and most importantly of all be recommended by other women (non friends or relatives) who have experienced their wonderful customer service. Then they can advertise themselves as being Women Friendly.

The second part of our business is to make sure that customers know about these businesses and what being Women Friendly Accredited means. This means widespread advertising to bring awareness to the Women Friendly Services concept and to attract women to seek out our preferred service providers where they will get a Women Friendly experience every time – no more time wasting and hit and miss quality services.